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ECE 186B Course Evaluation Rubric

Use your past two semester experience to briefly answer the following questions.


1.  How successfully were you able to convert your problem statement or project

     objectives to your own engineering domain such as digital domain, control

     domain, microcontroller domain, etc. in order to find an approach to come up

     with solution.

Very successful, the only issue we had was one of our sensors stopped working, but it would still communicate with the Altera board.


2.  How successfully were you able to determine the right engineering tools for

     the purpose of your project.

We were marginally successful in determining the right engineering tools to use, I am refering to our initial purchase of analog sensors with the belief that the Altera board had an ADC on it.


3.  The effectiveness of using the tools.

When we actually got our digital components they were very effective and with the exception of one sensor failing would have completed our project.


4.  Your experience on being able to develop a prototype and simulation of it.

This was a great experience and it taught us alot.  In the future we will both run self-tests before anything else and definitly discuss digital output and analog outputs before ordering parts. 


5.  Overall correctness of your design

The overall design is correct, the sensors do communicate with the Altera DE2 board, the only problem we had is the ADXL did not work.








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Project Environmental Sensing Module

Evaluate your team members as part of the peer evaluation. However, that grade will not be part of your final grade.

Team Member's NameAdrian OcegueraJeffrey Parker
Attendance at the group meeting100100
Easy/Hard to get in contact with100100
Completeing his part of the project100100
Finishing assignments in a timely manner8080
Collaboration with other team member100100
Overall gradeAA

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.