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Notable Women in Fresno State History




Maude E. Schaeffer – First female dean (Dean of Women), taught English, was also first acting librarian. Part of the first cohort of faculty at Fresno Normal School.




Agnes Tobin – First professional librarian, started in 1914.




Margaret Swift and Marguerite Hussey – First female coaches (intramural baseball, hockey, swimming, archery, track and volleyball), 1922.


Beryle Bollinger – First president of the Associated Women Students, 1922.






Alexandra Bradshaw (Art), Marguerite Hussey (Physical Education) and Blanche W. Taft (Home Economics) – First female department heads, 1923.




Virginia Sager Jansen – First female student body president, 1943.


Mary Carolyn Dobbs – Alumna, class of 1944.  Innovator in the field of Special Education.


Judy Chicago – Famous feminist artist faculty member in 1970, founded the first Feminist Art program in the U.S. at Fresno State.


Women’s Studies Program- started in 1972, Phyllis Irwin, first coordinator. 



Dr. Judith L. Kuipers – First vice president (for Academic Affairs), started in 1985.


Dr. Francine Oputa - First coordinator for the Women’s Resource Center, begun in 1996. 



Margie Wright – Championship winning softball coach, won NCAA softball national championship in 1998.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.